Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Co. I, 4Th Texas Volunteer Infantry

Rally on me!

Are you a Civil War enthusiast?

You have read the historical accounts, walked the battlefields, and wondered what it was really like. Now find out for yourself as you re-live a dramatic chapter in American history.

What was life like for a Confederate or Union soldier?

Experience the thrill of swirling smoke and thundering guns as battle scenes come to life. Enjoy the challenges of camping, cooking, and living as a Confederate soldier in the 1860s.

Feel the kinship with those Americans who fought the greatest struggle in our Nation’s history.

Fall in Soldier!


Dedicated to preserving the History and Heritage of those who have gone before us...

Monday, August 27, 2007

A Navarro Rifle

Hell's Hollow Skirmish ~ Shiloh, Tennessee ~ 2007

A Navarro Rifle, today, is a re-enactor & military historian, who strives to recreate and preserve the history of the brave men who fought and died in Co.I, 4th Texas Infantry, Hood's Texas Brigade, Army of Northern Virginia, defending his Family, his Home, his State & his Country.

If you are interested in becoming a Navarro Rifle email or call our Recruiter:

Email: CoI.4thTexas@gmail.com

Phone: (469)383-4836

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Event Schedule


Battles & Maximum Effort Events:

APRIL 9-10: 31st Annual Battle of Pleasant Hill, Louisiana

MAY 7-8: Battle of Port Jefferson, Texas

JUNE 5: DeSoto CreekFest, DeSoto, Texas

JULY 4: Crape Mertle Festival Parade, Waxahachie, Texas

AUGUST 12-14: 150th Battle of Wilson's Creek, Missouri


OCTOBER 1-2: Battle of Fort Crawford, Hallsville, Texas

NOVEMBER 19-20: Battle Liendo Plantation, Hempstead, Texas

DECEMBER 3-4: Texas Brigade Muster, Galveston, Texas

Recruiting Events:

APRIL 16-17: Confederate Reunion Grounds, Mexia, Texas

JUNE 19: Jubilation Celebration, Balch Springs, Texas

OCTOBER 22-23: Battle of Hubbard, Hubbard, Texas

NOVEMBER 4: Battle of Fort Richardson, Jacksboro, Texas
NOVEMBER 12: Texas Goes To War, Old City Park, Dallas, Texas

Call or Email for details...

Ph: (469)383-4836
E: CoI.4thTexas@gmail.com

Uniform Guidelines

JACKET: Grey Jean Cloth Frock Coat with Black Trim/Piping

TROUSERS: Sky Blue Wool Military Pattern

BELT: Black Leather with a Blank or Texas Star oval buckle

SHOES: Black Leather Brogans

UNDER CLOTHES: 19c. patterned 100% cotton shirt, drawers and heavy wool socks

HAT(s): Black Hardee, Dark Blue Forage Cap

CANTEEN: Wood/Drum or a wool covered steel Drum, Bulls Eye, Smooth Side pattern

HAVERSACK: U.S. Blackened or C.S. Plain 100% cotton canvas sack

ACCOUTRAMENTS: Pre 1861 Cap Box, Cartridge Box & Sling, Bayonet & Scabard

CAMPAIGN GEAR: (1)19c. Blanket, (1)Gum/Ground Cloth, (1)Steel Canteen Half or Tin
Plate, (1)19c. Spoon, (1)19c. Fork, (1)19c. Knife, (1)19c. Tin Cup, (1)Bee's Wax Candle, (1)Box of Lucafers, (1)Large/Plain 100% Cotton Forage Sack

OPTIONAL ITEMS: Dark Blue U.S. Sack Coat, 19c. Heavy Wool Great Coat, Blackened Pre
1861 Knap Sack

COMPANY SUTLERS: Frazer Brothers Mercantile, 5526 Dryer St., Dallas, TX ph.(214)696-1865 / email: frazer@flash.net & Mercury Supply Co., 101 Lee St., Livingston, TX ph.(936)327-3707 / email: mercury@livingston.net


$40 Annual Membership Dues give our members full rights in Company business, along with accidental death/injury insurance and 501-C3 tax free purchases. To become a member of The Navarro Rifles and to become a Civil War Re-enactor visit with our Recruiter: (469)383-4836 or CoI.4thTexas@gmail.com